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Dark Age EX - Story

The kingdoms of Varda and Celena have been at war off and on for centuries. The militant Varda has built up quite an army as a result. But this is not another war story. Vance, a skillful yet passive general of Varda's army, notices an increase in violent behavior from his king, Fredrick, and in particular, another Varda general named Mortis. With the recent peace treaty between the two sparring nations in effect, Fredrick seems to be using his military more and more for internal affairs, such as stealing from the Wizard Palace for not paying taxes.

Vance doesn't mind the increased activity; it's his job after all. But his co-general, Mortis, has been becoming increasingly harder to deal with. Vance and Mortis have accepted greater responsibility since the death of the head general, Walter, and Vance is feeling the extra stress. On top of that, a deadly dragon has been spotted in the mountains near Varda Castle...

Dark Age EX is a Medieval type RPG filled with magic, swordplay, deception, surprises, mini games, and plenty of extra secrets to discover. Game play lasts for approximately 9 - 12 hours, depending on how explorative you are (or how much you like to gamble... heh).