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Dark Age EX - Battle System

Dark Age EX features a 5 character, 6 enemy battle system resembling classic Final Fantasy gems from the days of old. Most gamers should be familiar with the workings, but here are some details:

Battle Basics

1: Enemies

The enemies you are currently fighting.

2: Characters

The characters in your party.

3: Enemy Info

The names of the enemies you are currently fighting, followed by their levels.

4: Command Menu

The menu that appears when a character is ready to make a move. Each command is outlined below.

5: Character Info

The status of each character is displayed here. Starting from the left, the line underneath each character's name is the character's "speed bar" as I like to call them. When this fills, the player can make a move. (Note that enemies have these as well, but they're hidden.) To the right are the player's hit points. If these run out, the character becomes wounded and cannot fight. Finally, there are the player's MP or TLv. MP is neccessary for spells and transformation. TLv (Tech. Level) is used for sword techniques. Not all characters display a stat in this area.

Battle Commands


A basic physical attack delivered from the character's weapon.


Spells have a variety of effects. Many deal damage of a certain element on enemies. Some spells work better on some enemies than others. There are also curative spells and spells that cause status effects. All spells require MP to cast.


Sword techniques require a certain TLv. to use. Increase your character's TLv. by using the Focus technique in battle. Some techs deal massive physical damage, while others augment the user's stats.


The character transforms into another form and unleashes monstrous rage upon the enemies. Transformations require MP like magic.


Science is the art of fighting with various hi-tech weaponry. Most weapons need to be loaded with ammo. The more ammo, the more damage!


The character uses an item from the party's stock. Not all items can be used in battle.


Attempt to flee from the battle. Careful, you're likely to drop some of that money you're carrying around! Some enemies are harder to run from than others. Some cannot be escaped at all.


Characters' stats determine how well they perform in battle. Stats are increased by gaining levels through battle and equipping various items.

Attack: The character's physical attack power. This determines the strength of physical attacks.

Defense: Physical defensive power. Higher values reduce a greater percentage of physical damage.

Magic: The character's magical power. Determines the strength of elemental spells and attacks.

Magic Defense: Magical defensive power. Higher values reduce a greater percentage of elemental damage.

Speed: A higher speed means the character can make a move more often in battle.

Level: The character's level is not only a progress marker, but also plays a role in the effectiveness of attacks. Certain spells will work more often at higher levels.