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Dark Age EX - Characters

The world of Dark Age contains many characters. Here's a brief look at some of them:


A general of the Kingdom of Varda, Vance is loyal and courageous. He always tries to preform his missions to the best of his ability and follow his king's instuctions exactly. Vance is trained in the magic arts and is one of the few who can use White Magic.


Mortis is another of Varda's generals. He is extremly egotistic and has trouble following orders correctly, instead following his own path. A wizard like Vance, Mortis is very skilled in the magic arts. However he has begun to search out and study forbidden Black Magic.

King Fredrick III

Fredrick is the king of Varda. He is usually kind and prudent, however he has been using his extensive army more and more for trivial reasons lately.


A knight of the Kingdom of Celena, Darius is skilled in sword techniques. He is disgusted with the on and off war between Celena and Varda and wants peace. He is courageous, noble, and a man of his word.


Erik is a mysterious Gepardi from an unknown land. Being a Gepardi, he has the ability to transform into any creature that he captures the essence of. However few creatures are strong enough to suit his tastes.

Dr. Science

Dr. Science is the resident alchemist of Varda Castle. He amassed a small fortune building inventions far beyond his time. Extremely selfish, he will do whatever it takes to get on top, seeing others as inferior.


Gredrat is the head wizard of the Wizard Palace. He is wise and understanding, but will stop any opposing force with his destructive magic spells.

The Mages

The mages of the Wizard Palace are disciples of Gredrat and are extremely loyal to him. The blue "apprentices" are the highest in rank.

Sir Walter

Walter, the former Head General of Varda, was Varda's strongest warrior. Sadly, he was killed by a Celena soldier before the recent peace treaty. A new Head General has yet to be named.

Varda Soldiers

The soldiers of Varda are skilled warriors. The blue Varda Elites are forces to be reckoned with. Both Vance and Mortis served as Varda Elites before being promoted to generals.

Shilja and Brik

Shilja and Brik are two dangerous assasins escaped from Celena. They specialize in stealth techniques and sneak attacks to eliminate their victims.