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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • -- Troubleshooting --

    Q: When I try to run the installation program for one of the games, it says "Invalid Data". What should I do?
    A: Files occasionally become corrupted when they are downloaded, especially if you pause and resume your download many times. The larger MP3 versions of DAX and DA2 are more prone to this. Try re-downloading the program.

    Q: The text in either game appears in the wrong place, or doesn't appear at all, and some events/special attacks play out too quickly.
    A: Are your computer's regional settings set to something other than US or UK English? Go to your Windows control panel, open "Regional and Language Options". Under the "Regional Options" tab in the window that appears, there should be a place where you can choose your country. Click on the customize button to bring up another window. Here, change the decimal symbol to a period (.) and see if that fixes your problem. (You'll probably want to change this back when you're finished playing the game.)

    -- General --

    Q: What did you use to make your battle backgrounds?
    A: I mostly used Blender, a free 3D modeling program.

    Q: Can you give me some tips on how to do character/enemy/etc. graphics?
    A: Practice! I got to where I am today though years of pixeling.

    Q: Can I use your tiles/graphics/etc. in my game?
    A: Please don't. I spent a lot of time making everything in the game my own and I'll probably reuse some of it in a future project. You can find plenty of resources at Mystic Software and the Toolkit Zone

    Q: Will there be a Dark Age 3?
    A: I don't have any plans for making any more major RPGs at the moment.

    -- Dark Age EX --

    Q: I'm stuck in Varda Castle after the opening events. The king just told me to "get some rest". What do I do?
    A: Find Vance's room and press the space bar to the left of his bed (make sure to explore first!).

    Q: I'm stuck in the underground passage east of Sarry right after the part where you push the rock. Where do I go?
    A: There's a not-so-obvious tunnel to go through.

    Q: ARRGH!! I can't beat Mortis at Sarry!
    A: Level up until Vance learns the Slow spell at level 14. Use this spell to cut Mortis' speed in half and have Vance keep the party's HP high. Darius should continuously use his Focus/Slash combo and Erik should use his Wyvern attack until he runs out of MP.

    -- Dark Age 2 --

    Q: Zhol castle is too big! What do I do after visiting Gramps after the Omega Class test?
    A: Find Brash's room. It is located in the pyramid-like building to the east of the main castle, on the 3rd floor.

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