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Dark Age EX - Gameplay

Basic Controls

Arrow keys – Move character outside of battle (also, hold shift to run); move cursor in menus.

Space – General activation key; talk to people, activate switches, etc.

Enter – Call menu (outside of battle)

P – Pause the game (works outside of battle when not in a story sequence, and in battle at the main command selection)

L – Change party leader (who you walk around as)

R – Redraw the screen (fix graphical errors)

There is also the menu CONFIRM key (defaults to Space Bar) and menu BACK key (default is Alt. key) used for making selections and navigating the various menus. These can be changed to any key you like.

On occasion you will be presented with a number to toggle (e.g. the amount to buy when buying items). Use the arrow keys to change the value.


Dark Age EX is very much modeled after a classic RPG style. Methods of equiping your character, using items, and increasing character levels through battle should be intuitive. But, if something isn't clear, please let me know!