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Dark Age 2 - Story

The Legend
of the past...

Eons upon eons ago, our planet was ruled by beings far superior to us. I refer to them as "beings" because calling them simply a "civilization" or "race" would not do them justice. They were known as the Drakens. The Drakens were the perfect combination of strength and intelligence, and reflecting this, they existed in two forms. One form resembles that of a human. In fact, I would venture to say they looked exactly like us. The other form was a dragon. But the ability to transform between the two shapes was not their defining characteristic, rather it was their immense physical and magical strength. Their human form was what they called their "weak but useful" shape. Do not let their modest self-assessment fool you. I estimate an average Draken, in this form, to be perhaps twenty times stronger than a human physically, and perhaps as much as a hundred times stronger in the field of magic. As for their dragon form, or "shape of war", well... need I say more?

Little is known about the Drakens' way of life, considering the rarity of genuine artifacts from their time. Ancient texts do repeatedly confirm a common goal of the Drakens: a "seeking of immortality". What this means is questionable. Stories describe those who have obtained this immortality as the rulers of the Drakens. Vague descriptions such as this have lead many to believe that the entire existence of the Drakens is a mere myth. Others believe that parts are true and parts are exaggerated. Few accept the entire story as true...

Excerpt from "History of the Drakens"
Scholar's Library of Ephen

The Nation
of the present...

Spanning the entire Southern Continent, the kingdom of Zhol is perhaps the strongest, most prosperous nation in the world. But Zhol's current greatness only came recently. Merely five years ago, its very existence was threatened by a vile dark wizard known only as "Darken". With his army of underlings, Darken successfully managed to raid the unsuspecting capital city of Drena, where Zhol Castle and King Jole reside. The situation was bleak. The ill-prepared armies of Zhol were no match for Darken's forces. As the dark army advanced upon the castle, a glint of hope appeared in the sky... a swordsman atop a red dragon appeared on the scene. In an impressive display of strength and skill, the mysterious man single-handedly drove back the threatening forces.

A national hero was instantly born. His name was Sir Darek. The king convinced Darek to stay, and he became a top official in the Zhol military. One of his first accomplishments was a complete reorganization of the military, making it the proud, respectable, and powerful force that it is today. Under Darek's guidance, Zhol eventually won its status as one of the most powerful nations in the world.

The great military of Zhol is guided by a simple three-class system. The common soldiers make up the Alpha Class. The more skillful soldiers advance to the Zeta Class, which is assigned more difficult missions. Only the most elite make it to the top: the Omega Class, the dream of every soldier. Each entering Omega Class warrior is allowed to touch the royal treasure of Zhol, the Dragon's Eye, a mystical stone that grants the ability of magic with a single touch. With elite fighting skills and magical abilities, each Omega Class warrior is a considerably powerful force.

The Hero
of the future...

Brash is an aspiring young Zeta Class warrior. Being a natural fighter, his assent up the military ladder has been quick. After two short years in the Zhol military, he is ready to take on the fabled Omega Class test. Three challengers can attempt it at a time, but only one will advance...

Brash sees his life as a soldier a fun new game, having lived in a sleepy village with his grandfather all his life. He is excided about the chance to become one of the elite, but will soon discover not everything is as it seems...

Darken still rears his head every once in a while. His forces are always utterly destroyed time after time (sometimes by just a few Omega Class warriors). So, why don't they just finish him off already...?