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Dark Age 2 - Card Game

The largest mini game in Dark Age 2 is a card game that can be played with nearly every NPC in the game. To ask someone if they want to play, press the C key at the end of a conversation (i.e. press Space to talk to the person, then press C). The object of the game is to capture your opponent's cards while defending your own cards from bening captured. Let's take a look at the game board:

1: Playing field
2: Your unplayed cards
3: Your score (number of cards that belong to you)
4: Damage calculation for your card (appears during a card battle)
5: Your dice roll (appears during a card battle)
6: Damage calculation for opponent's card
7: Opponent's score
8: Opponent's dice roll
9: Opponent's remaining cards

Each card has four numbers-- one on each of its sides. These represent the card's attack power on each side respectively. Some cards also have a fifth value in the upper right corner, known as the "advantage number", and a color. The card gets a boost of this value when it is battling against a card of a color it has an advantage over.

During the game, each player takes turns placing his or her cards on one of the spaces on the playing field. If you place your card (blue background) next to one or more of your opponent's cards (green background), a battle will ensue. The winner is determined from whoever gets the highest value from a combination of the card's attack power on the side that is touching the opposing card, the result of a dice roll, and the card's advantage number (if applicable). The addition of these three components is outlined at the top (opponent's card) and bottom (your card) of the screen after a battle. If the attacker wins, the defending card will be captured by the attacking player. If the defender wins, nothing happens.

Color advantages:

Red has an advantage over Green.

Green has an advantage over Yellow.

Yellow has an advantage over Blue.

Blue has an advantage over Red.

If the cards' colors don't correspond or either card doesn't have a color, then the advantage number does nothing.