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In reply to: DA2 Plot Holes -- SquirrelMG 15:17:41 05-25-2012

Ha ha
Posted by: Xorlak
13:13:30 05-26-2012

Thanks for playing!  Glad you had fun with it. :)

14 hours isn't bad!  I think the 20+ hours may be a bit skewed because I was also testing the game for bugs when I made the estimate, so probably went along slower.  I've been meaning to sit down and play the game again sometime, since it's been something like 10 years.  If you only got 30% you probably missed a few hours too.

As far as "plot holes"... none of those are actually plot holes. ;)

A plot hole is a contradiction in the plot. For example, a character says he can't use a sword, but then later on has no trouble dispatching tons of enemies with said blade.  If Cewan died and came back later in the game with no explanation, that'd be a plot hole. ;)

What you found are little unfinished plot threads.  Especially early in the game, I started a lot of threads, but as the game progressed (and got quite massive), I wasn't able to follow up on every little detail. So you get hints of things that I thought I might finish later, but never really got to.  I was fairly satisfied with having all the main things covered, but some minor things got missed.

That said, I'm fairly sure Cewan's relevance is mentioned in a few places, probably by some castle guards and villagers, and his role in the backstory is pretty important, but I don't outright give you all he pieces. If you want a hint about "He's the only one who knows", think about "Sir Darek"'s secret, and both his and Cewan's positions in the Zhol military. ;)

Jesmo was a fairly minor character as far as I remember.  I wanted to draw more character portraits but didn't get to everyone but did his because he looked cool was probably the reason. ;)

Thanks for playing!

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