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DA2 Plot Holes
Posted by: SquirrelMG
15:17:41 05-25-2012

Alright, so I just finished Dark Age 2 for the first time, and there evidently were some major plot holes that I just kept waiting to be uncovered.

First, when the wizard (who turns out to be Marcus) tells Brash to see Cewan, saying "He's the only one who knows" or something like that. Brash finds him murdered. Who murdered him, why, and who is Cewan... he literally had no role in the game. Also, what was the point of the "document" item found there later? I figured it was just there for the crazed item completionist.

Second plot hole is the character Jesmo. All of the Omega Knights get killed except for him, and you see him walk away from the Omega Knights floor early on in the game, and then never again. But he has his own character portrait and everything, so he must be important.

Now when I cleared the game, my percentage was about 30%, so I surely did miss a lot of stuff (I'm guessing there are more of those glass spheres, Vlade, and other random interesting things to be found). But my question is:

Are either of these "plot holes" I've come up with actually explained at any point in the game?

There really ought to be a guide that goes along with this game.

PS: I cleared the game in 14 hours, which was not 20-25 like stated on this website.

PPS: Sorry if this post sounds degrading, I had a great time playing and love these oldie sort of games.