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In reply to: Hmmmm... -- Xorlak 11:34:02 04-01-2012

Posted by: Zir0N
23:48:24 04-01-2012

Well, yeah I have windows 7. But it's the 32-bit version. Starter edition even, I've been playing on a netbook rather than a full laptop or desktop.

Thing is, I played DA2 and DAX on Millenium, XP, and even Vista and they worked fine then, even completed the game on Vista, though that was way back when. Even so, Vista and 7 aren't too much different so I didn't think there'd be any issues because of the OS.

Anyways, I won't know if the random encounter bug is fixed or not unless A: I beat the game or B: it happens again.
So until A or B happens, I'll just wade it out. Thank you.