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Nostalgia + Request
Posted by: maniac2040
15:20:46 10-31-2023

It'll never stop feeling amazing to come back to this site every couple years, see that its still here, and bathe in the nostalgia 😊.

I got promoted to Team Lead at the company I work at this year. The RPG Toolkit and games like this are what got me into programming.

Feels powerful to think about the stack of dominos this space tipped over.

Anyways, much love.

Confession: I actually liked a lot of the original (ripped) MIDI music for old school Dark Age, before EX. Haha. What was the song for the mountains!? It was some crazy awesome electric guitar. Oh! And the overworld theme, where did that one come from?

I'd just download the game but I use Macs these days and not sure I'd even be able to open it 🙃.