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Found all DAX Blue Crystals *Mild Spoilers*
Posted by: NeoPaganSoft
02:10:56 06-20-2020

Tile says it all, really, but just to clarify:

I recently played through Dark Age EX again, and managed to find all seven blue crystals. And since I remember somebody missing a crystal (don't know if that's still the case since that was years ago lol), I decided to list out where each one is located in the order one would likely find them.

1. In South Varda, hiding in a box at the top left corner of the pub/cafe

2. In a coastline west of Sarry

3. In Sarry, hiding in some boxes

4. In Braumburg, hiding in a furnace

5. Also in Braumburg, brought off a shady individual in a secret passage

6. In South Varda, hiding in a jar at the bottom right corner of the storage building (That can only be opened when Alfred joins the party during the Varda raid)

7. In the Wizard Palace, hiding in the room Mortis searched

Hope this helps ^_^.