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Dark age 2, i'm stuck.
Posted by: Noobrash
18:55:54 09-13-2012

Hi, i've just started playing this game again (last time was years ago) and I'm now stuck at zhol castle after i left Darken and trying to save gramps. I don't know what to do now i have looked all around the castle and can't find anything, i remember that i have to fight that blonde administrator ranked guy and then cut him in half but i can't find him, i remember that it was next to a wooden door but i found that same door and no events happened. The only other things i remember is that i have to defeat Vlade and he gives me a key it think. So now I'm just stuck grinding at the omega class rooms can anyone help? Also is there a walkthrough i have searched but i can't find even 1 walkthrough.