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All colors but the black.
Posted by: Zir0N
23:40:38 04-01-2012

So I was playing Dark Age 2 recently, playing the built-in card game. Which is really addictive actually, a lot more fun than I remember it being back in 05 or so.

The Umber Castle dungeon had just been completed and little Billy had been saved, Yay. So the first thing I did afterwards was challenge him to a card game.

It took awhile but I finally got my hands on his Vampire card, which up until I was captured by Darken and Raze was the most powerful card I had. The thing is though, is that unlike the rest of the cards with advantage numbers, Vampire was black-coded.

Odd, it was never mentioned of a black element in the basic tutorial and it doesn't seem to grant any advantages or disadvantages against any other element I've used it against. Later on, I collected more dark-element cards like D.Knight and D.Blade.

Which brings the question
"What is this dark element? Does it have any advantages or weaknesses? Does it have its own enemy alignment like the rest?"

Kind of a question out of curiousity, since I never got to explore further after that issue with the random encounters (Already resolved, thanks Xorlak)