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The Original Dark Age

Released back in 2001 with version 2.15 of the RPG Toolkit, Dark Age is the first computer game I ever released. It has since been completely overhauled and re-released as Dark Age EX. Dark Age is now officially "retired" (meaning I won't be doing any more bug fixes or patches). However, it is still available for download if you're interested in seeing how things were done in the olden days (heh...). But if you're new to the series, you'll be better off starting with Dark Age EX.

File Description Size
The original Dark Age, still kicking around! 6.25 MB
Fixes / Upgrades
Dark Age Patch
Some people have trouble getting the original Dark Age to run. If Dark Age won't work on your computer (i.e, you get the "red letter information box" when you try to run it) try installing this. Not necessary if the game works. 2.06 MB
Dark Age Story Fix
A very small fix to the original Dark Age concerning repeating story sequences. 2 KB