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Dark Age 2 Media Contest Results

Hmm... considering the feedback I got on this at the TK Expo and other forums, I expected to get at least six or seven entries... Unfortunately I only got two... meaning I won't be giving away the CD prize (remember, the minimum was five). I apologize to the two entrants for this, but it's not much of a contest without at least a small group. Still I'm going to make the most of what I have, so scroll down to see the results!

Contest Details

Grand Prize

2nd and 3rd prize


Submit entries to

Deadline: Sunday, December 14th 11:59 PM (central time)

One of the reasons I prefer classic 2D RPGs to modern, fancy, 3D works is graphical simplicity. You are forced to use your imagination more when watching tiny sprites talk, fight, and interact rather than have 3D FMVs spell it out for you. In this way, each 2D RPG player's experience is unique because each player perceives moments in the game differently.

What I want to know is how YOU perceive Dark Age 2. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to recreate the essence of a particular moment from the Dark Age 2 demo. It can be an action/fighting scene, perhaps something behind the scenes that you think is going on, or even something more abstract (like how you think Brash feels when wondering around aimlessly in that huge castle, heh...). I originally imagined this as an art contest, but I decided to open it up to all forms of media. Anything will work, as long as it depicts a moment from the game (i.e. a portrait of Brash by himself wouldn't work). My favorite will win a Dark Age 2 CD (provided I receive at least 5 entries). Note that this isn't entirely a contest of skill. Although the quality of your submission is important, I will also look at other factors such as originality and creativity.


Email entries to me, including:

2nd Place Winner

Philip Skwarski (Cesque)
(i.e. the artist formerally known as KwasU)

Scene: Brash meets Dituskor in Knam
Media: still image

Click to see full size image

Heh, this is a pretty funny scene depicted in Cesque's usual comic style. Brash talks big, but can he back it up? Nice work, Cesque!

1st Place Winner

Evan Stimpson
Scene: Brash's breaker attack
Media: QuickTime movie (MOV)

Click to download movie (199 KB)

Ha! This is good! Although short and unfinished, Evan threw together a nice intro to Brash's breaker attack. He's fully animated too: hair blowing, shifting his sword, leaping away, etc. Very nice work!

You need Apple QuickTime to play this.

Update: Just for fun, Evan sent in the finished version after the due date that extends the attack versus the Guardian. If you got the unfinished one, download it again!