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Several Q's (b4 Cave Of Evil)
Posted by: Anonymoose
16:04:16 10-15-2007

(Could someone delete that other thread, please? I posted it by accident.)

All right, I'm at the part before entering the Cave of Evil. My guys are Level 30-32, Erik has Posidon and Red Dragon, and I defeated Xerxes at Celena Castle. However, when I re-enter the Cave of Evil, Erik STILL says there are monsters out there to absorb. I don't know what to do... Ragnaros or whatever his name is continues to destroy me (even with Vance's Fast, Erik's Red Dragon, Dr. Science's 30x Flamethrower, and the old guy's Crimson) because he's unfairly fast. I got to Level 20 (I think) in Random Dungeon before being annihilated -- the other times (before Level 20) just now I got stuck either because I got trapped between the wall and rocks or the stairs didn't appear. Booo. And I can't seem to find anything else to do. So...

1. What are the other monsters Erik must absorb before he stops saying he needs to find more monsters?

2. Xerxes says the Celena King has escaped and is safe. Is he anywhere I could find before the Cave of Evil, or is Darius' little side-quest done?

3. How many floors is the Random Dungeon?

4. Are there any other side areas besides Forbidden Cave and Random Dungeon that can be found before the Cave of Evil?