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In reply to: Answers -- Xorlak 16:36:57 10-15-2007

[No subject]
Posted by: Anonymoose
17:02:14 10-15-2007

>>Blast it, another bug.  You have them all.  I'll add that one to the list.  Thanks for reporting!

Ah, so it was just a bug. That's good -- well, not really GOOD, but at least that means I can proceed with the game.

>>It goes on forever.  The lower you go, the better chance of rare items, though. (Armor, spellbooks, etc. that you can only get one of.)

I see. I'll remember that.

>>Not unless you want to scour the world for blue crystals.  You may want to save Ragnaros until after the Cave of Evil, after you've leveled up some more.

Ugh, that'll take forever. Maybe I'll do that later.

Thanks for the answers! Now, onto the Cave of Eeeeeeevillllll.