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In reply to: Answers -- Xorlak 16:36:57 10-15-2007

'kay, one more thing (Blue Crystals)
Posted by: Anonymoose
16:58:26 10-16-2007

You sure they're only in towns, not dungeons, right? I saw one of your posts mention there's one BC on the world map in the Sarry region and I found the area (when I discovered it I was like, "wow, cool"). Before that, I had 5 -- finding that BC would make it 6 (I reloaded since I lost too much money running away while exploring). I don't know where the 7th is, and I revisited every town and I'm sure I checked every crate, barrel, chest, clock, flower bed, and bookshelf. And I did buy a Blue Crystal from the "Shady Guy" in that casino town.

Where could that elusive last BC be? I hope I didn't miss one in Varda Castle or Celena Castle... because I can't go back to either of them now.