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New message board features!
Posted by: Xorlak
00:53:03 04-01-2006

As you can obviously see, I've done a bit of tweaking here and there.  (Heh...)


- Category subdivisions.  Just think of these as new "boards" (it's really a lot simpler).  Try and post stuff in the right category, but it's no big deal if you miss (i.e. don't start putting "I'm not sure if this is on the right board, but..." at the start of every post, because I can figure it out, and it's really not a big deal to move things around. (Heh...))  New boards are really easy to make, so if you have a idea for a new one, and there's enough demand, I'll make a new one.

- The "return" button works like it should now.  It should take you back to where you expect it to, rather than just page 1.  If it doesn't, let me know (on the new bug board!)

- Comments on the front page are now counted the right way, so Aminaga can no longer break the counter.  (Heh...)

- Couple of new avatars.

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