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In reply to: DAX -- Killer Spiller 12:55:34 10-23-2007

Here they are (mild spoilers)
Posted by: Anonymoose
19:21:46 10-23-2007

>>Dude ok question on DAX what are the abilities that you can learn

Here they are, in the order you'll learn them. I don't know how far you are, so I'll hide the identity of the last two party members.


Cure (starts with it)
Fire (starts with it)
Ice (starts with it)
Slow (you'd want to learn this)
Healing Breeze
Revive (better than the item)
Shield (don't bother using it, though, it's useless)
Fast (you'd want to learn this)
Healing Gust
OPTIONAL: Full Revive (must find Tome I in a side-quest dungeon -- GET IT!!)
OPTIONAL: Storm (must find Tome II in a side-question dungeon; this is good, too)

There's one more spell he'll learn via story point, but it's spoilerish.


Focus (starts with it)
Slash (starts with it)
Falling Cut
OPTIONAL(?): Omega Fist (I think you need to complete a certain side-quest; good to have)
OPTIONAL: Level Strike (must equip a certain weapon won from a [really tough] side-boss; HIGHLY recommended)


Wyvern (starts with it)
Golem (will learn early on after a boss)
Posidon (when you finally get a ship, keep sailing around)
Red Dragon (you might have met this guy... I'm sure you'd want to try again when leveled enough; you'd really want to)

4th Person:

Flamethrower (starts with it)
Auto Shotgun (I think you need shotgun ammo and then gain a level)
Scout (need to equip a certain headgear)

5th Person:

Fire (starts with it)
Ice (starts with it)
Lightning (starts with it)
Explosion (starts with it)
Blast (starts with it)
Earthquake (starts with it)
Thunder Rage
Crimson (learn it, love it)
OPTIONAL: Storm (need Tome II)