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In reply to: Just finished DA2 (Spoilers) ... -- Motar 18:29:16 10-20-2007

Posted by: Xorlak
23:49:33 10-21-2007

I was a tad disappointed with the character development, though: Brash was rather shallow and we don't really see much of his personality (besides being literally brash), and the rest of the characters really weren't developed much (I was hoping that would happen with some of the other Omega Class soldiers). Also, the Darek/Darken thing was a bit predictable; I was almost positive Darek was Darken the first time I saw him...

Yeah, in retrospect I think I could have done better with the character development and presentation with several key elements of the plot.

1. When Marcus tells Brash to go to Cewan about what happened at Knam, does he mean that Cewan knows something specific to help Brash, or just in general knows what is going on with Darek/Darken? (i.e. does Cewan know something we never find out because he dies before Brash can talk to him?)

The later.  Cewan is essentially being controlled by Darek and gets silenced as soon as he's no longer useful (i.e. retired).

2. Did all the members of the Omega Class die during the invasion of Zhol? Maybe I just missed them from lack of exploring the castle during the invasion, but I only counted Zack, Giler and Rago dead, leaving the non-elemental guy (forgot his name) and Jesmo to possibly still be alive.

Jesmo got sent off on a solo mission just like Brash, meaning he got axed.  Basically they all bit it one way or another.

3. I might have just forgotten this, but how exactly does Brash come to be in the care of Marcus? I know Darken made Brash and and all that but I don't remember how Marcus takes him from Darken (or just finds him or whatever).

I'm not sure how much of this I put into the game, so you may be getting a little extra here that never got worked in.  (Heh...)

Marcus essentially broke into Draven's layer, stole an egg, and brought it outside to do some sort of high-powered-magic-ritual killing.  But it hatched before then, revealing a rather human looking child.  So he took it home instead.

5. If DAX supposedly takes place on an island in the DAII world, are we to assume that said island is Zhol's continent?

Nope.  Just a different part of the planet.

Thanks for playing. And thanks for the feedback!

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