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In reply to: Yay, I beat it! (spoilerific) -- Anonymoose 04:49:43 10-19-2007

Posted by: Xorlak
16:28:57 10-19-2007

I think you made things too hard. There are too many overpowering enemies and bosses... Ogres should NOT be that powerful so early in the game (especially with their Club attack). And the Mad Ogres shouldn't be doing 4000-9000 damage (Club/Smash) at the point of the game they appear, either. Even the final boss's attacks wasn't quite as damaging as they were. And they certainly aren't the only annoyingly strong enemies.

Heh, that's exactly how I like it.

The healing items and spells should probably had heal a bit better because they get outdated pretty fast as HP grows quickly in this game (the G-Potions and G-Ethers were good, though). Even the expensive Healing Gust only healed less than 2000 (though were helpful nonetheless). I don't like it when RPGs have weak healing and high HP, so it kinda stunk.

Oversight on my part.  I redid the HP system for the remake, and most items didn't get changed like they should have.

Battles went by FAST. This is unlike the majority of RPG Maker 2003 games (which has an ATB for battles) where the creators didn't balance out the speed stats of players and enemies well, making the battle speed go agonizingly slow. It was great to see ATB go speedy here.

The vast majority of modern RPGs have the critical flaw that battles take forever.  Too much emphasis placed on pointless animation or like you say, watching some silly bar fill up.

The battle system isn't actually ATB.  Everything pauses when you're going through the menus.

The graphics/battles aren't the same ol' Toolkit default I've seen in 95% of Toolkit RPG games I've seen. Yes, yes, I know I'm playing the "EX" version and all. Still doesn't mean I'm glad graphics and battles at least look different now.

I actually did very little in the graphics department when upgrading the game.  Just some enemies, menus, character profiles, etc.  Most of the tiles are ripped.

P.S. I noticed this days ago; the game is practically devoid of female characters! o.o

I was a poor writer back then.  (Heh...) DA2 has a few.  If and when I ever get around to my next game, it'll be closer to a 50/50 mix.

Excellent feedback.  Thank you for your comments.  And thanks for playing!

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