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In reply to: The key to old man cont'd -- Anonymous 21:04:11 10-07-2007

Posted by: Xorlak
20:15:47 10-08-2007

Here is a video of where to go to get the Tower Key. (17 MB) (Spoilers!)

After you get that key, use it to unlock the door somewhere in the middle of the castle.  From there it is a straightforward path to a boss battle and the second key, which is the one required to save Gramps.

The video is low quality and doesn't have sound for file-size sake.  Didn't have the time to edit it, so it's just a straight recording of me playing through the beginning of Zhol to the boss that has the first key.  Also I use an underpowered character and I haven't played for a few years, so it takes me a few minutes to get my bearings. (Heh...)  But you can fast-forward through the battles and just watch the path I take.

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