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In reply to: Thoughts on DA2 :) -- Cesque 14:04:49 03-15-2007

Posted by: Xorlak
21:48:57 03-15-2007

Glad to hear you're finally getting a chance to play!  And thanks for the comments.  Yes, the world didn't come out feeling quite as big as I would have liked.  Chalk it up to lack of proper planning.  (Heh...)

I think a few moves do get slightly more powerful with a higher tech skill.  But the effect is minor.  (Could be wrong, though.  Haven't played in like, three years.  Heh...)

Your English has improved dramatically since your last visit.  I used to be able to pick out your posts without reading the name, but now you just sound like a normal guy.  (Heh...)  Do stop by more often!

And get back in DAL, blast it.  Retan has taken over the world, Draven has gone insane with desire for revenge, and Duilin turned into some kinda super demon or something the other day.  Good lightning!

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