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In reply to: Hacking through the games -- Guest 13:07:34 03-03-2007

Posted by: Xorlak
13:22:33 03-03-2007

It's been done before.  The biggest case was several years ago when Colin hacked a whole bunch of stuff in the original Dark Age (this was well before DAX was released).  Think he called it Dark Age Revamped.

I generally don't mind, though I will never support any hacks.  Personally I think cheating kills the fun factor.  I've played through each game a number of times and they're definitely beatable, though my definition of a good difficulty level and how long it should take to level up seems to differ from most.  (Heh...)

DA2's BS weighs in at 2090 lines.  DAX at 1134.  (It's much better written.  DA2's is a mess.  Heh...)

Welcome to the cool people's forum.  Join usss~... (Heh...)

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