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In reply to: Er... -- Fuzzman 18:58:32 08-02-2006

Posted by: Xorlak
20:46:58 08-02-2006

Part of the reason is that with a full time job, I have a lot less time to work on the game.  So this will counter that a bit.  (Also this game is going to require a lot more sprites than DAX and DA2 combined.)

Secondly, Khin is way better than me, particularly at animations.  I think if I put my mind to it, I can do a pretty nice front view standing sprite.  But take a look at when they walk-- they seem a little stiff, don't they?.  Brash swinging his sword just doesn't look like a real motion.  On the other hand, Khin has provided some real fluid, amazing stuff.  You'll see!

The final reason is that I just don't like doing sprites.  I sort of came to this conclusion over the years.  Not sure why, but whenever the time came to do a new sprite, I would put it off and it would seem to take forever to get done.  I'd much rather spend time programming, working on boards, story, etc.

I'll probably still end up doing a few graphics though. (At least a few dragons.  I've always liked drawing those.  Heh...)

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