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In reply to: 11-01-2005 News Update

Looks good. And about the poll...
Posted by: Aminaga
17:49:17 11-01-2005

You see, right now, at the moment, I wan't the PlayStation Portable (PSP.), but I am also hoping to win the XBox 360 because I do not yet have the original XBox. But also, I wan't the PS3 more then them all, BUT, it won't come out for a while, from what I know, but I still wan't it because of FF7 being remade.

So, I suppose I'll vote for PS3, but I thought I might point out I kinda have some mixed opinions on this...

btw Do you concider "screw" a swear? Cause I kinda do abit, and I think this is the first time you posted a word like that...


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