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In reply to: Hmm. -- Colin 09:39:16 07-29-2005

Posted by: Rueben
13:57:53 07-30-2005

Actually I'm not too worried about it ... the thing that worries me most is people using my music in their game and ...

A) ... not telling me
B) ... passing it off as their own

Otherwise it's pretty much free to use. To me, all the music I have written for Xorlak has been an opportunity to expand my abilities as a composer, to improve myself.

However, come Dark Age 3 (or whatever guise it shall take - yes, even I don't know!), this could very well change as I will be using the music for a final year project at uni. All the music will the express property of me, and to a lesser extent, Xorlak.

- Author/Creator: The Fourth Dimension
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