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In reply to: Yeah.. -- Dude Man 02:45:15 10-22-2004

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Posted by: Rueben
11:51:32 10-22-2004

I'm serious! I remember Xorlak posting that a while back. Hard to believe eh?

Personally I've found the best way for random battles is to set it to planned and for every step. Then, when the battle starts, it is run in a seperate program (using the #fight command). Then, everytime the program is run, you can increase a variable by 1.

Once this variable reaches 10 or 15 or whatever, you can start allowing battles to happen randomly like normal. Just reset the varibale once the battle starts.

This would mean that random battles still exist, but battles only happen once you've taken at least 10 or so steps. Courtesy of expansion upon some advice I read from Don't_Think_So.

- Author/Creator: The Fourth Dimension
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