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Posted by: Xorlak

Hey folks!

Out of nowhere site overhaul!!

First, I must apologize to the nostalgic folks. But the old website was simply just... horrifying to look at and navigate. (Frankly it was getting to the point where I was just plain embarrassed to link to my games because the blasted website was so outlandishly bad.) So I whipped up a design that I think looks decent while keeping the whole Dark Age spirit intact. So now I have a nice, permanent site to show off these old classics.

Some new features you might be interested in are a News RSS Feed and Message Board RSS. Should help keep those of us who still poke around the board connected and alert you next time I decide to come out of the blue and post an update.

I'm sure folks are wondering if a massive site overhaul suggests another game in production. Don't want to start any rumors here-- Nope, nothing at the moment. Subscribe to the RSS though, and I'll post if I ever get back into it!